Valentine's Day Parties

When I first started my  blog, "Keep It Together" was the perfect title for it. Its taken from one of my favorite band's albums. Lately, however, it would be much more appropriate to entitle my blog, "Lost and Gone Forever", which is another Guster album. I certainly feel like I've been gone forever from blogging!

I have so much to catch up on! A week ago found me in Atlanta photographing a 60th Surprise Birthday party. The next day I had the honor of capturing a Greek Orthodox Baptism. The day after that was Valentine's Day complete with all the craziness of school parties.

Believe me, we were all candied out by the time that day was over!

The rest of the week passed by in a blur. Did I mention that I'm keeping a 3 month old (well, almost 4 month old by now!) during the day? She's a doll. Because of privacy stuff, I'll just call her Baby H. I've taken a couple of cute photos of her but would like her mom's permission before posting them :)

Then, last Friday, I took off with my mom to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to attend my Grandma Staska's funeral. It was a lovely service and a wonderful family reunion. We were there for a little over 24 hours and in the car a total of 24 hours, but it was worth it. It deserves a post of its own which will be coming soon.

I've caught up on reading blogs but haven't had a spare moment to comment. I hope everyone understands!

Till then....


  1. Wow, you've been busy with all the photo gigs. That's wonderful!

    Jayce has such beautiful eyes. :)

  2. wonderful to hear you've got so much photo biz happening jess. though i don't know how you do it, and care for a little one as well as your own :)


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