The Flu in pictures

'Cause its totally normal to take pictures of your sick kids. Right?

Jaina came down with the flu on Saturday morning last weekend. We didn't know it was the flu, though, until much later on Sunday afternoon. So for Saturday, we just loaded her up on children's motrin and went along our merry way. See, we had some important friends to hang out with that weekend :)

 There was no time to be sick!

We love our friends SO much, we decided to share germs with them! (And yes, this family so far only has one with the flu... but give it time).

I took Jaina to Urgent Care on Sunday afternoon because she was just miserable. I was not thinking "Flu" at all. I was convinced it was strep. After waiting for 3 hours (with many others who did indeed have the flu or strep), Jaina got swabbed for both strep and the flu. Flu, Type B, was positive. We got a prescription for Tamiflu and went on our merry way.

Jaina was better in 48 hours. Boy that tamiflu works fast! I kept her home from school Monday-Wednesday in order to make sure she was completely well.

Then I got a phone call from the school nurse on Wednesday morning for this little guy.

(he's eating goldfish in bed, in case you are wondering)

Thank goodness we have the "medicine cabinet". Or "medicine counter". Ignore the Allegra, though. Our allergist switched the kids to DAllergy instead. 

Despite my use of my friends lysol and clorox, I still managed to come down with the flu myself this morning. My appointment is at 11:40. Hopefully I'll be better in 48 hours, too!


  1. Aaagggh, no fun! Poor little ones (and you, too!).

    Same story here. The kids got sick first and then I caught it from them.

    Here's to a healthier week(end) ahead for everyone!

  2. That stinks you all ended up with the flu. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I am so sick of this flu bug!! Gracie was good after 48. Hanni is still going with it since Tuesday!!!! Eli seems a little better this morning. Not sure about Randy yet. I started with symptoms yesterday. I hope you get better fast!!!!

  4. Oh no! The flu! I hope everyone is all better soon! The flu is just crippling! We had it a few years ago and the Tamiflu almost poisoned Wayne and me. We were throwing up all night! Hope it doesn't make you sicker!

  5. i hope everyone is much better by now.


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