Hello? Is this thing on?

While I've been sick, I've done some major catching up on my favorite (200) blogs that I subscribe to. I might not have commented on each and every post, but please know that I've enjoyed reading them just the same.

And my own stale blog has been staring me in the face every time I log into my blogger dashboard. "Damn, I really need to update this thing" I tell myself. And then quickly realize that I have absolutely nothing to update about.

Well, I could tell you that although my fever is gone, I still feel like I have a head cold. I can't taste my food and I've been going to bed at 8 PM every night.

Exciting stuff, I tell ya!

As we all try to recover from our sickness and get back to our normal routine, we just haven't done anything fun. I haven't even taken any pictures with my camera! I think I have cabin fever from the winter. I'd much rather take photos outdoors in the sunshine.

I do have a bit of news to share, but its not happy news. My dear Grandma Staska passed away over the weekend. When I feel up to it, I'll give my grandma her own blog post memorial that she deserves. If you are friends with me on FB, then you probably already know this news.

So, its my goal this week to do *something* fun with my kids and keep building those memories. 'Cause that's all that matters in the end, right?


  1. I am sorry to hear about your grandma. :-( I have never had one, so you are blessed. Hugs!

  2. Sorry about your Grandma...rest up, and I can't wait to read her tribute post.

  3. so sorry to hear about your grandma! :( Saying a prayer for you and yours. Glad you are feeling a bit better!


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