Tummy Troubles

Is it just me...

or has my newborn grown way too fast?

I feel like over the last week or so she has lost her "newborn" look and has chunked up in her face, arms, and legs. Rightfully so, since this girl loves to eat!

Although she is smiling in all these photos and is typically a happy baby, she continues to be plagued with gas. She acts very uncomfortable while nursing. She is very hard to burp and has to stop during feedings several times to try to get some air out. And when she does, her belching seems to rock the house! She then gets the hiccups after she's done nursing. She also blows a ton of spit bubbles.

Any advice?

In the back of my mind, I have not ruled out Silent Reflux even though Jayce's symptoms seemed 10x worse. (For example, she loves to nurse and does it all the time, unlike her brother did. And she sleeps GREAT for a 6 week old, also unlike her big brother did).

Speaking of sleep, I'd better hop to it! Its Day Light Savings time (ugh!) and 5:30 6:30 is going to come very early tomorrow!


  1. So sorry she's having tummy troubles. Hope it gets all worked out soon. She is growing so fast! (So is my J...it's unbelievable!)


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