Two Months


Who authorized THAT to happen?

Isn't she supposed to stay little forever since she's my last?

Look at how much she's grown already...

(I'll have to learn how to fix color discrepancies by the time I go and print these! Same blanket, same time of day, and same setting on my camera, but two totally different colors!)

At two months, Jocelyn is:
-nursing about every 2 hours
-sleeping from 8 PM-6 AM without waking to nurse
-likes to be swaddled when sleeping
-doesn't really like her pacifier all that much
-takes a bottle just fine
-likes to stroke my hand or shirt when she nurses on my left side
-will coo at you when you ask her to talk to you
-reaches for toys and bats at them, but can't really grab hold much yet
-holds her head up pretty well
-smiles an awful lot :)
-weighs 11 lbs, 8 oz at her check up today
-was 23 inches long
-loves mommy best to hold her


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