Once Upon a Time

I asked Jocelyn for a hug the other day.

Her response?

"Not right now. I have to go read a book. THEN I will give you a hug."

Its good to know she listens to "If you do this, THEN you can do this" which frequently comes out of my mouth :)

Since we had just gone to the library the other day, I fully expected her to grab a book from our library bag.

Nope, she chose this one:

She has a fascination with my old Babysitter's Club books. She also likes Christopher Pike teen horror and old Nancy Drew books. Oh, and Sweet Valley High. I've been saving all these books for two reasons. 

1. I can't bear to give away books that I loved growing up
2. I sincerely hoped that my children would want to read them. 

With the exception of Jocelyn getting into them, those books do nothing but collect dust on my shelf. 

As she looked through the pages, she "read" aloud to me.

"Once upon a time... there was a sword. And fighting. And it was funny!"

Funny, but I don't remember Claudia, Kristy, and Mary Anne getting into any sword fights.

All of my kids loved looking at books and being read to as toddlers and preschoolers. Both Jaina and Jayce, however, stopped loving books when they learned to read in Kindergarten. 

Its not until Jaina was in 5th grade did she ever pick up a chapter book and read for pleasure. It isn't her favorite thing to do by any means, but she's really enjoying some of the books she has access to in her 7th grade Honors English Lit class.

 Jayce discovered the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series last year in 3rd grade. He's read them at least 4 times each. Its the only series that he willingly will read for pleasure. He likes other books, but struggles to get through them. He's read the entire Origami Yoda series, 4 books of the Big Nate series, and is working on Book 1 of the Percy Jackson Series. I kinda went overboard during book fair last month and bought him a ton of books that I think he'll like. Now, I just have to get him to open them up and give them a try :)

I'm hoping that Jocelyn's learning to read experience will be different and better. I've got a lot of books waiting for her :)


  1. My Bigs have already been into my Sweet Valley Twins books! I only had a handful of Babysitters Club but they really enjoyed those.

  2. So cute! I love reading, too, and always hope I can help my kids love it. So far Merrick is NOT a lover of books, but Tirzah seems to enjoy it. I'm still working on Merrick, though! There's nothing quite like a good book.

  3. I loved that series!

    Tommy doesn't like to read. It makes me sad. I hope Natalie will enjoy it but right now she won't. I mainly read to her and she'd rather play.


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