Ten on 10 :: September 2014

The point of this project is to find beauty in the ordinary day.

So often I find that my days are just that. Ordinary. There's only so many times I can capture the same picture of the same kids playing with the same toys and eating the same lunch. I really struggled this month to find beauty in the mundane routine that is our lives right now.

Please forgive the lack of pictures of my oldest two. At ages 9 and 12, they aren't the most willing photography subjects. And, quite frankly, they have better things to do. Like practising piano, attending tumbling class, playing baseball, texting, playing video games, and trying to avoid homework. I promise they do exist, despite not having much photographic evidence of it.

(and yes, I know I skipped 2:30. I was in car line to pick up Jayce and forgot my camera)


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