Summer's Last Hurrah!

Just because the calendar has flipped to a Fall Season month doesn't mean that the weather has actually cooperated yet. Its been hotter than blazes these past two weeks with temperatures well into the 90's. Yes, I know I live in the South and we should expect such numbers but we've been spoiled this Summer. We've actually had a quite pleasant Summer with very mild temperatures and a lot of rain.

So, I guess we can deal with a few weeks of heat without complaining. Soon it will be jacket weather and we'll start complaining about how "cold" it is when the temperature dips down into the 50's :) BRR!!!

Our neighbors like to turn on their sprinkler system and let my kids play in them, too. We all wish our neighborhood had a pool! Yet, sprinklers can be fun, too!

Jaina's not been interested in pictures lately, unless she is jumping, tumbling, or doing a hand stand. 

So then all the girls had the great idea that they were going to jump all together. Except that they couldn't do anything "all together" :) Jocelyn was always the last one to jump!

Our best attempt:

Afterwards, we dried off by sitting on the hot driveway while eating chips and oranges. 

It was sure fun to remind ourselves that we still have a few weeks of Summer left (Technically).


  1. these are such awesome pictures! what a great way to end summer!! :)

  2. So much fun! I love the group jumps!


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