Everyday Life: An I Heart Faces Challenge

Its been months since I've submitted an entry into the I Heart Faces photo challenge.

Its not that I don't want to participate; nothing could be further from the truth, its just that the challenges usually sneak up on me and then I procrastinate capturing an image that fits the theme. By the time I get the picture off my camera card and onto my computer, the challenge is closed.

This time, however, I found an image that I took just last week. Amidst the winter storms that brought us snow in South Carolina, we've had some crazy warm days, too.

I took Jocelyn, the big kids, and our neighbor Kelsey to the park on one of these unseasonably warm days. Jaina and Kelsey brought their scooters and Jayce brought his new bike to ride on the trails. Jocelyn insisted on bringing her tricycle and tried desperately to keep up with the big kids.

It was a fun afternoon of just soaking up the joy of being outside.

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  1. what a beautiful capture of her! I absolutely love it!!


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