Go Green

According to The Huffington Post, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all wrong here in America.

Yeah, well... I was raised wearing green and building leprechaun traps and searching for gold, so that's how we roll.

Last year, it was 47 degrees and raining. And Jocelyn was sick.

This year, we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was a delicious 82 degrees today. Jocelyn and I practically spent the entire day outside. (Now only if I could get comfortable editing on my lap top, I'd get so much more done!)

How did I convince Jocelyn to wear green?

Well, I may have told her about the pinching part. She thought that sounded bad. She informed me she was going to wear green all day long. I promised I'd not let anyone pinch my baby :)

She decided early on that she wanted to be Minnie Mouse today. Thank goodness her ears coordinated with her outfit :) They had a picnic together, both Minnies, and my Minnie graciously shared her berries.

Stuffed Minnie made friends with our St. Patrick's Day Bear. I kinda don't even know where this bear came from. He was just sitting in my closet next to our green tacky plastic bead necklaces. Maybe a leprachaun brought it? :P

After the big kids came home from school, I forced them to take a picture outside together. Just ignore Jayce's forced smile. He had a rough day and was scared of the hornets and wasps that seem to be in our yard already.

Jocelyn convinced Jayce to play a game with her on the trampoline. They were both lions and kept growling at each other.

I was a little sad that Brian wasn't able to take the day off like usual. With my surgery coming up next week, I think he's trying to save those days in case he needs them. We didn't manage a family picture today nor did Brian and I go to the Irish pub in town to drink, but we still managed to have a fun day :)

How did YOU celebrate?


  1. Are you even kidding me with that weather? Happy st.

  2. Sounds like a fun, GREEN day! We celebrated with chocolate chips muffins which I had added green food coloring too. They were yummy while we listened to Irish jig music. I also printed some leprechaun coloring sheets and mazes for the kids. We were still in the midst of breathing treatments and temperature checks so the day was not all that spirited! Just enough to call it school with a math sheet, spelling assignment added and a Veggie Tales video about St. Patrick!


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