Spring Please?

The alternate title of today's blog post is "Our South Carolina Weather is Psychotic". But you know what? I think its like this in every area of the US right now. My friends in Colorado and Texas are complaining of the same thing I am: 30 degree differences between daily Hi's and Lo's and finding 70 degrees on a Monday with snow on a Tuesday.

I'm currently typing this with a blanket on my lap and fingerless gloves on my hands. I'm freezing. It was below freezing this morning when my alarm went off. Its certainly not warm enough now for my blood. Yet, I wore flip flops yesterday. It was 74!

Oh, Spring! Where art thou? If we can't have you, I'd be okay with just going straight to Summer instead! You will NEVER hear this Florida-born girl complain of the heat. Never. I am okay with 98 degrees and 100% humidity. That's what tank tops, flip flops, ponytails, popscicles, and ice cold cokes are for.

Here's a nice Flashback Friday for you from last Summer:

A girl can dream...

Instead, our reality looks like this:

Um, yes... that would be snow that didn't melt behind Jocelyn's head.

She picked out a new sundress to get personalized at Palmetto Twist. I'm glad my three year old is preparing and thinking ahead to Summer. That's my girl! For now, we'll pair it with long sleeves underneath and some pants.

The next day, she was able to wear short sleeves. Woo hoo!!

Jayce randomly came outside and said he wanted to jump rope. I was kinda suprised he came down from our bonus room and video game system.

Of course, Jocelyn had to immediately abandon her chalk and go jump rope just like her big brother :)

She's got the jumping part down... just doesn't know where to put the rope.
Jayce demonstrated again.

She finally gave up and went back to her chalk. She has not been happy with all this wet rain this week washing her precious chalk creations off our driveway.

Then Gray came over and made some Easter crafts with Jocelyn. I took this as a sign to go ahead and get our Easter decorations out. We don't have many St. Patrick's Day decor, unfortunately.

Little plastic eggs have kept her completely occupied for the last two days straight. I personally hate stepping on them, though.

Okay. The countdown is on. T minus 15 days until SPRING!


  1. Wow your weather is all haywire, isn't it? Hoping you have many more warm sunny days for jumping rope and sidewalk chalk.


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