Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a gorgeous Saturday in March. The sky was blue, the peach blossoms were pink, the grass was green, and the temperature was just right.

I took my eldest with me to some photo sessions I had planned at a local Peach Farm. The idea behind it was that she would hold my reflector, make babies smile, and carry my lens bag. All this for the price of japanese take-out. It was a good deal, I tell ya :)

One of my clients had to swap her session time for a later one, so I made Jaina model for me. Photographing your own children is completely different than clients. I'm not quite sure why?

Before that, we all had lunch at Taco Bell. If you are friends with me on Instagram, you've already seen a slew of pictures from our lunch.

Yesterday was definitely a good day :)

Tomorrow I will be having surgery to prevent my brain aneurysm from rupturing. To say I'm nervous would be correct. But I'm actually feeling much more at peace with it than I was.

I'm tired of walking around with a ticking time bomb at the base of my skull. True, it could be 30 years before it ruptured. Or it could be next week. And although its very true that none of us know when our last day alive is, knowing you have a medical condition that could kill you instantly is a little unnerving.

So, for that very reason, I am glad tomorrow is almost here. I'll be having surgery at 8:00 AM EST and hope to be in recovery by 1:00 PM. I'm feeling at peace about it at the current moment. I'm a procrastinator, so chances are I'll save my panic attack for tomorrow at 7:00 AM :)

Today was a good day, too. I played Mouse Trap and Pound Puppies with Jocelyn. I played Mario Kart 8 with Jayce. I argued with Brian about the grocery list ('cause that's how we roll on Sundays). And we all went out to eat at Applebee's, our favorite restaurant, tonight.

I am totally blown away at how many of my friends (in real life and online) have shown me their love and support. I have never felt so loved and cared about by my friends. Every text, FB message, IG comment, note, gift card, and goodie has made this tough situation much easier.

Brian's entire department came together to give us this card filled with gift cards to use during my recovery.

And my friend Laura from Book Club stopped by today. She brought an entire basket filled to the brim with candy, lotion, magazines, handmade soap, books, new PJ's, games, Get Well Cards, and even more gift cards. I know first hand that it is no small feat to organize something like that with all of us Book Club members living all over the county.

My friends are so generous. With their gifts, their time, their prayers, their good thoughts. I know how lucky I am to have this many great people in my life.

My mom will be keeping everyone up to date on FB. She's going with me to the hospital while my husband holds down the fort at home.

As for me, I'll be back updating this blog in a few days, hopefully from the comfort of my couch. I forsee a lot of catching up on Days Of Our Lives, How I Met Your Mother reruns, and playing some Plants Vs. Zombies 2. All while snuggling my kids.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sending love and prayers. I can feel them.


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Checking to see how surgery went...hope you are doing well.

  2. I always love your photos.

    Mm, Taco Bell Freezes. There's a new rainbow one I want to try.


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