It must be Spring around these parts because we bought cheap kites from Wal-mart last weekend. And nothing says SPRING like cheap kites for $1!

Jayce has been very frustrated with kites in years past. But this year? He's got it. He got his kite up, by himself, almost as soon as we unrolled it, and kept it up the entire time.

Jaina, on the other hand, did not fare so well.

See, she didn't want a cheap $1 kite. She picked the fancy nylon kite for 5 times the price. She couldn't get it up, and let's not even talk about it staying up.

Jayce had Batman.

Brian picked a Clone Wars kite. They were all out of Superman :(

Brian finally realized that Jaina's kite was put together incorrectly ( I was just over there suggesting that Jaina read the instructions, but you know how mom is always wrong!) and helped her fix it. He got it up for a bit.

But it didn't last long. Poor expensive $5 kite. "Ugh, I should have gotten the Barbie one for a dollar!" said Jaina. Yeah, well, mom's always wrong, remember?

Little Miss was extremely dismayed at Kite Flying. "I want to go to the park! This is boring! " She kept wandering off out of our site while the four of us had our kites (or, in Jaina's case, was attempting to get her kite) flying high. I finally put her on the picnic table with strict instructions to stay there.

Since Jocelyn couldn't have cared less about her Hello Kitty kite, Jaina took that one over. I'm kind of surprised that Jocelyn didn't quickly change her mind and shout, "NO! THAT'S MY HELLO KITTY KITE!" as three year olds are apt to do sometimes. Yet, she was a nice little sister and let Jaina borrow her kite.

It was $1. And it worked fine.

Jayce released all of the string on his kite handle and was doing fine.

Finally, Jocelyn couldn't stand it, so I took her over to the playground with Jaina while Brian and Jayce continued to fly. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon, until dinner time, at the playground.

Now, that is how I like to spend my weekends :)


  1. Moms DEFINITELY don't know anything. ;) Haha. (I try to take comfort in the fact that usually whoever didn't listen to me comes back later realizing mom WAS right.) Looks like a fun way to spend a weekend to me! Those kiddos of yours sure are gettjng all grown up and even more good looking!

  2. These are awesome kites!


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