I Can See Clearly Now...

... the rain has gone!


Although it will be weeks until the flood waters in Columbia, SC and the coastal areas subside, at least we know they will.

The photos and videos from Columbia, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach are just devastating to watch. I've been keeping tabs of my friends via Facebook to make sure they are all safe. So far I don't know anyone that has had to evacuate, but several of my friends have first floor or basement flooding or are surrounded by closed roads and can't leave their house. Add the power outages, downed trees, disintegrated roads, and lack of clean water, and you can imagine the disaster that these residents are going through.

We got really really lucky here. There's no denying that we got 4 months of rain in 10 days, we still got 10 inches less than what was predicted. Those 10 inches have made a huge difference in the river levels. It's true that some underpasses flooded and a few sink holes appeared in our town, it still could have been way worse.

The whole family was super happy to see Mr. Golden Sun here today. Now he needs to do his job and dry all this stuff up!

The following pictures were taken a week ago when the sun peeked out of the clouds for about an hour. I think Jocelyn had been stalking the window for a glimpse of sun.

Those puppies and kitties sure were happy to go outside, too. I'm just glad Shaggy didn't eat them!


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