Major Update

When my husband complains that I haven't updated my blog, you know that it's been a long time!

What have we been up to?

Let me take this one family member at a time...


He had a birthday. It was a star wars theme. He was a goof.

Other than turning 42, Brian has been volunteering for numerous HS football games and marching band competitions.


This teenager was the ONLY middle school student at her school to make All-State chorus this year. She leaves to go to Clemson tomorrow for the practice. The performance is Saturday. We are super proud of our girl!

Even though she is obviously good at singing, Jaina wishes she was better at dancing. She is taking contemporary jazz/lyrical right now and loving it. Parent night is in two weeks and I can't wait to bring my big camera to dance class.

Her biggest news, however, is her pageant win. She really wanted to come home with a Supreme title and she did it!!

She currently has no plans for another pageant but I don't doubt that she will find another one to enter!


He was named Terrific Kid for the first quarter at school. His teacher just absolutely loves him. She calls him her right hand man. Jayce has been helping his teacher by tutoring math to his classmates when they need extra help.

He also auditions for School News Crew and got a position on the morning show! He absolutely loves it! I'm trying to love being at school 30 minutes earlier, but whatever :)

He also just found out he made the school chorus, too. And he also will be inducted in BETA Club later this month.

And then there's baseball...

The Fall season was AWESOME! We didn't win every game, but boy did those boys play it with their all. Jayce got a few hits and scored a few runs and had fun during it all :)


Little Miss is doing great at preschool! She is learning songs and playing with friends and making crafts :) That's exactly what we wanted. Jocelyn already knows all her colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Pre-school is purely social for her and that's exactly what she needs.

Dressing up for Western Day:

Brian and I got to accompany her class to the Pumpkin Patch for her first field trip.

And she started ballet/tap at the same dance studio as Jaina.

It is hard to get a good cell phone picture of my little ballerina because she is SO excited about class starting, she can't even sit still. When we tried tumbling last year, she was too scared to leave my side. Now she confidently walks into that dance studio with her teacher and doesn't even look back.


As for me, I'm drowning in Fall family photos. October is to photographers as April is to accountants :)

It has been a wonderful season so far and I can't wait for November!

In other news, on October 1st, I had another angiogram. It went very well! IV was placed the first time, I didn't need a xanax before going back to radiology. No hemorrhage, no stroke, no hitting any nerves. AND, I got to go home the same day! That has never happened before :)

The good news is... I'm fine and my aneurysm cannot grow because it has clotted off.

The bad news is... my aneurysm has clotted off. They weren't too happy about it. My carotid artery is taking up the slack, though, so it's all good. Let's just hope for no more blood clots, okay??

And now, back to editing :)


  1. Seems to be an epidemic of non-blogging going around!! I was glad to ready your update, though. I can't believe how grownup everyone is getting!

  2. Oh my goodness, it is no wonder you haven't blogged in a while. You are one busy momma, trying to keep up with all those busy schedules! I am so glad that everything went well and that everything looks good with the aneurysm.


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