Pre-Halloween Festivities Part 1

Halloween happens to be my husband's favorite holiday (4th of July is a close second) so we tend to do things big before the special day. I'm going ahead and blogging a few of those things because we still have more to do this week before actual Trick Or Treating on Saturday!

My husband's company had a Family Day last weekend. This is the third time having one, but the first time that it's landed near Halloween. They used a Fall Festival theme with rides, games, magicians, face painting, and more. Jaina was absent due to All State chorus performance and I had to sneak out early to go to my photo sessions. I'm so thankful that Brian's co-worker Shanna and her daughter Brittany watched Jocelyn while Brian was volunteering for the hay ride. Thanks for the pictures Brittany!

The next day, we visited our "pumpkin patch" which is really just a church yard with a lot of pumpkins. We've been going to this one for years!

We attended a different church's Trunk or Treat later that night. Jocelyn decided to be a My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie) instead of a white and golden kitty. I imagine that she'll be changing costumes a lot this week.

Jayce was a taco. Because tacos are awesome :)

Jaina has always planned on going as a black cat. Actually, that's why Jocelyn even wanted to be a white and golden kitty in the first place.

(Excuse the following picture. Jayce took it before I could use proper exposure in camera. It's completely blown out and white balance is off).

Brian and I went as Princess Leia and Chewbacca. 

Best trunk display of the night:

Jocelyn said, "Why does Charlie Brown only get rocks?" She asks that every time we watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

This Candy Land trunk was adorable as well.

I should have gotten a better picture of the cookie monster trunk. It was cute, too!

We had a great time! It was the first time we've ever hosted a trunk and we realized we really need to step up our game for next year! Like, start thinking and planning in the summer!

Pre-school Halloween parade, pumpkin carving, and traditional halloween shirt pictures up next!


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