Ten on 10 :: Rainy October Edition

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Some months I struggle with finding the beauty in the every day, especially when it's a cold dreary day.

I need warmth, sunshine, light. Those things are beautiful to me. Cold, rain, darkness... I could do without those, thank you very much.

Although today was not full of joy for me, my kids found many way to keep busy on this rainy Saturday. And those kids? They are my joy for sure.



I hope your day was filled with beauty and joy. And if you are a California blog reader, please know that I am wishing this rain to head your way instead.


  1. I love those photos! Especially the ones of the rain. But I love weather, all kinds, so rain makes me happy. I'm glad you found happiness in other places. Those kids of yours sure are cute!

  2. I hope you get some sunny days!

  3. I always love these! It's been good weather here recently so I hope it's been the same for y'all!


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