The Flood of October 2015

I have a TON of stuff to catch up on... Brian's birthday, Jocelyn's dance class, a preschool update, Jayce's exciting school news, Jaina's math struggles, my angiogram results, etc, but the most immediate thing that is happening right now is the constant rain we've had. It started raining on the eve of September 24th and pretty much hasn't stopped with the exception of Wednesday, September  30th.

All this rain has wrecked havoc on the roads here. Culverts have washed away, sink holes have formed, underpasses have stranded cars. Even one woman has died. It's been bad.

According to the weather report, things have just started. Hurricane Joaquin might be hundreds of miles from us, but he's sharing his storm system and fronts with us. This weekend we are supposed to get rainfall of "historic proportions" (according to our Governor Nikki Haley, whom I can't stand at all, but hopefully she listens to her weather consultant).

I think our state has been declared in a state of emergency. The coast certainly does need this. I've been astonished to see the damage, through pictures and video, already inflicted on small coastal towns. 

As for our family... well... only Jaina here likes the rain. So the rest of us four have been pretty irritated and grumpy. We don't have rain boots, kid sized umbrellas, or rain jackets, so we get soaked any time we have to leave the comfort of our house or van. And let's not even talk about my hair. Gah.

Poor Jocelyn doesn't understand why we can't just go wipe the slide and swings with a towel so she can still play.

*This* is why she can't play. See this mud? Its red clay mixed with rain. It stains horribly.

And the mud is everywhere. Ugh.

But it did stop pouring for a little bit the other day. Granted, it was still misting, but I let Jocelyn go and get the mail with me.

(Side note: These shoes had to be cleaned off in the sink and the jeans had to be soaked in Oxyclean immediately after this 5 minute adventure)

She was just thrilled to be outside.

She dutifully checked on all our flowers and plants, declaring, "I don't think I need to water them today."

Oh, I forgot...

There's another Walker family member who isn't keen on all this torrential rain.
Bless his heart! If that's not a depressed dog, I don't know what is.

Later that afternoon, I saw a glare out of the corner of my eye while I was cleaning the kitchen.

It was the sun.

It was only for five minutes and it certainly didn't help to dry anything up, but boy did seeing it make my heart happy.

California friends: If I could, I would happily send all this rain to you guys, who actually need it. Love you all!

And for my southern friends: Stay dry and safe. Don't drive through running water. Use caution and turn around if you have any doubts at all about going through.

We'll get through this eventually. And I'm willing to bet that the blue skies will be absolutely gorgeous when they do come :)


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