January Happenings

I must have blinked.

Yep, that's what happened.

Yesterday was New Year's day and I blinked and suddenly it's the 20th of January. (and posting even later!)

Happy Birthday Baby Zoe Jane!

The big 1 year old! I can hardly believe it!

What have we been up to this month?

Well, first was Chimney Rock.

I experimented with my 24 mm f/2.8 and have decided I absolutely love using it now that I have a full frame sensor.

We gave Jayce a choice on whether or not he went with us. It was really cold so he decided to stay home.

They had a new exhibit on the Woodland Trail. I wanted to get Brian's picture in it, but he refused.

Babywearing for the win!

Stairs. A lot of stairs.

Who cares that it was colder than antartica outside? We still get ice cream. It's a tradition!

Oh! And before I move on to our next January event, I totally forgot to post pictures from the EdVenture Children's Museum. We went right before New Year's.

The stuffed dog Jaina is holding has a special place in her heart. She loved stuffed animal dogs when she was little and asked Santa for a "dog just like Bella." She cried when she had to leave Bella behind at the Museum.

The other two loved the vet's office, too!

Jocelyn loved her first trip to Edventure! However, Jaina (and to some extent, Jayce, too) feel like they are outgrowing the children's museum. I don't blame them... it's really geared towards younger kids. Jaina commented, "This used to be so much more fun when I was little..." Sorry big teenager, but that's how you are going to view a lot of things in the future!

Another big happening in January was the end of "No Shave November". For months, Jocelyn had refused to kiss Brian because "he was too scratchy!" and insisted that she would only kiss him in January after he shaved his beard off.

So he did :)

She even picked out a special shirt to wear just for this day:


And now Brian is back to a beard and Jocelyn will only kiss him goodbye in the morning before he goes to work. Oh well!

The kids had a great start to 2016 and are currently back at school, dance, chorus, and video games.

As for me, I've been keeping busy during these "slow" winter months. I was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend in Atlanta and also another session for a friend who had visitors for the weekend. BRR!! It was fun, but COLD!

I hope all my readers are staying warm and cozy in their houses in prep for this winter storm this weekend! As for me, I'm hoping for a bit of snow (but not too much!) so I can take some pictures :)


  1. Jessie, we must have just missed you at EdVenture as we were there on Dec. 29! Loved seeing your pictures as this was our first visit. Makes me want to post my pics too. Glad to be one of the few bloggers left (at least that's how it feels to me!).


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