I Love to Play in the Dirt

Jaina received a plastic gardening set for her birthday a few weeks ago that she's been dying to try out! (The Powell family ROCKS!) She didn't understand why we had to wait to move into the new house for it. "But Momma!" she said, "We'll plant the seeds now and just take them with us when we move!" I finally talked her into planting some unpopped popcorn kernels (so we could grow a popcorn tree, just like the song says) and that satisfied her until we moved.

We hadn't even been in the new house a week before she remembered her gardening kit. I purchased some marigold 6-packs from Walmart that didn't look completely dead (like everything else they had there) and we got to work. She first put on her "bug shirt" that she made the last week of preschool at Covenant. Then she found her khaki pants so her knees wouldn't get muddy. If only she had a floppy straw hat, her ensamble would have been complete!

As I dug the holes for the plants, she dug the holes for the marigold seeds. Jayce even got in on some of the action by throwing mulch onto the driveway with the metal spade, which he then discovered made a really cool noise when you drag it across concrete. Thanks, Jayce. :)

And our gardening wasn't complete until we watered our plants, heavily I might add, with the new garden hose. Again, Jayce did his part by dumping out the water from the watering can on the hot driveway. It must have been thirsty, too!


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