We've moved! (part 1)

It all started with a couple of boxes.

That turned into about 50, give or take, boxes. Most friends had advised me that it was never too soon to pack. However, I found that when I went to go pack something, inevitably, I'd need to use it the next day. And come on... everyone that knows me knows that Procrastination is my middle name. So, Brian and I really didn't start packing boxes until 4 days before closing.

We closed simultaneously on both houses Thursday, May 31st at 2:00 PM. Thanks to the wonderfulness that is Dr. McCoy, we started moving boxes immediately after getting home. We took 3 cars and made 3 trips. What we would have done without my mother's truck, I don't know. And since it belonged to my late Grandparents, I'll go ahead and thank them, too! :)

Then Friday came. BIG MOVING DAY! We had some wonderful friends and neighbors that took time after work to help us move. Big props to Rob, Adam, Michael, Matthew, Thad, and Garrett (or G-Money, as my husband likes to call him) for taking pity on us and spending a quality Friday night moving appliances when they could have been at Terry's drinking. I told them that not only did they get good beer and pizza (Double IPA and Papa John's!) but they also are racking up the Karma points in a big way.

I had called around the week before pricing moving trucks. Brian kept insisting that when *he* moved like 10 years ago, that truck rental places did NOT charge by the mile. Well, buddy, times have changed. Penske ended up having the best deal and were the nicest on the phone, so we went with them. I went with Brian to pick it up. We had reserved a 22 ft. However, the lady was nice enough to find us a 26 ft for the same price.

I have since learned how big a 26 ft truck really is. Humongous doesn't even begin to describe it. Gargantuan, maybe. It would have suited us fine if we were moving a mansion or something. Brian just looked at it and said, "Well, I guess we won't have to stack stuff!"

Jaina immediately had to get into the back of the truck and do a little dance for us. It was a huge stage for her to perform on.

Brian did a great job driving that thing. Maybe computers really isn't his calling after all? There was only one little "ooops" when he was backing up into our driveway.

All of our streets are kinda curved, as to allow for water drainage. Not so good when you bottom the truck out and dig a metal part into the street. Whoops! Thank goodness we are moving, right? Wait, did anybody really see us do that?

Brian carefully brainstormed and mentally organized where each piece of furniture was going to go in the truck. Can't you tell?

Well, there goes our bed. Thank goodness we remembered those bed screws so we could put the bed *back together* in the new house. Oh, wait... that didn't happen.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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