Swing Time

There are so many parks in our little town. One of them is even less than 5 minutes from our house. However, in the heat of the summer, there is only one park to go to. The only park that has shady trees!

Although the kids were happy when these pictures were taken, I have to recount a bad experience I had at this park.

Everyone knows there is kind of a "Eastside" vs "Westside" rivalry here in my town. Living on the "Eastside" has come to mean having "old money" and living on the "Westside" means you have new money. So, you may ask... where do people that don't have any money live? Everywhere else. LOL!

Now for the disclaimer... yes, I know that its wrong to judge someone for where they, I'm just stating the general consensus that I've seen many moms to agree with. I could personally care less where someone lives!

So, anyway, I was at the park and walked up to a group of moms that were pushing their kids in the swings. One mom was particularly friendly. The other two were polite, but not too outgoing. When it was found out that my children did NOT attend their children's Eastside preschool, the conversation with me was dropped. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but seriously... all 5 moms in the park got up and walked out with their kids! They didn't leave, though. Instead they congregated by themselves in the picnic shelter part of the park. Except that they weren't eating lunch. Weird.

So, as I'm walking out, the only mom that spoke to me hardly at all decided to invite us to stay for lunch with them. They were having it catered. Who the hell caters lunch in from a restaurant? Sorry, but I don't have any "old money" so I politely refused and went on my merry way.

And I am happy to live in the "Northwest Side", which doesn't even have a side :P


  1. Jess, this is the park that we go to bc we only live 2 blocks away. Please give it another try some time bc I promise I would talk to you! ;-) I am the mom there that does NOT look like she just stepped off of Desperate Housewives. You should have been there the day that 2 of the other moms that were up there had diaper bags that perfectly matched their outfits--the exact same pattern/print and I am not making that up!


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