Moving, Part II

And here comes the truck! Brian pulled up not long after I had taken the kids over to the new house. I was pretty impressed with how fast the guys got the fridge, washer, and dryer loaded. And that big huge truck? Well, funny thing is that we filled it up! I guess I do have a lot of crap stored everywhere!

In normal moving fashion, everyone just started piling boxes everywhere. They mainly got put in our garage (and I am sad to say that they are still there a week later and poor Brian can't park in his own garage!) and in our dining room. Now, since we are young and poor and have absolutely no need for a dining room table at the moment, we have decided to make the dining room a PLAYROOM instead :) Boy its been nice being able to just throw random toys back in there and tell them to "stay!"

The first night was a little rough on Jayce. He woke up 4 times and each time, asked to go "bye bye home". I tried to explain that this *was* his new home, but he's only 2, so I doubt he understood. He's since done much better this week. He loves having his own room to play with his trains. And he's loving these hardwood floors to put his cars on!

Two rooms are pretty much "done" aka meaning unpacked and fairly clean.The Master bedroom (which Jaina could not understand why we got such a large bedroom and she didn't) and the kitchen. I'll probably wait to paint and decorate later this summer or this fall when finances are a little less strapped.

Woo Hoo! My kitchen is clean and everything is in its place! I'd be lying if I said it looked that way right this second, though.

Luckily we got all the furniture moved into the garage before it started raining. South Carolina got some much needed rain this past weekend.


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