My Jaina

So often I just ramble on about activities we do. I seldom stop to write about my kids and what they are going through individually.

Currently, Jaina is 5 years and 3 weeks old. Oh, wow... what can I say about her? She goes from being the light of my life one minute to the source of my pounding headache the next! Aren't all kids like that, though?

She is really struggling with independence. She wants to do things herself like pick out her clothes, help me cook dinner, make decisions on her own. Yet the preschooler in her still wants help with wiping after the potty and someone to lay down with her at night.

Its horrible, but the things that she says that bothers me the most are things that come straight from my mouth. Like if I ask her to pick up her barbies she says, "I said NO! Not right now! Can't you see I'm busy? IN a MINUTE!" Eek. She took the words right out of my mouth.

I really need to watch my tone with her. For some reason, I just don't have much patience for her. I'm really setting a bad example. She even tells me this, "Mom," she asks quietly, "Why didn't you ask me nicely?" Its sad when your 5 year old knows how to talk better than you do.

I love how creative she is, not only with artwork, but with her pretend play. She has so much imagination. She is going to ask Santa for three things this Christmas... a Disney Princess TV, a scooter, and some real fairy wings. And she does mean real fairy wings. So she can fly. And grant wishes. See, to her, Santa is magic. And if Santa is magic, then he can do anything, like teach the elves how to make magic fairy wings for her.

She's also going to marry Mr. Johnny, the donut man that works at the local Krispy Kreme. She's already made him a picture and a card with XOXOXO on it. She tells everyone that she is going to be a donut man's wife when she grows up. He thinks she is adorable :)

Her favorite things right now are 1. Littlest pet shop 2. Barbies 3. Stuffed animals and 4. playing in water (sprinklers or baby pool). I wish I could get her swim lessons this summer, but alas, no time or money.

Well, Jayce is up, so my reflection time is over. I'll talk about him next time :)


  1. What a sweetheart :) She is getting so big..... and she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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