Jayce's Turn

My Little Pookie Pie
Mommy's Snuggle Puppy
Jaycie the Cuddle Bunny

Yeah, I would have never guessed that I would be calling my son any of that. I thought boys had nicknames of "Sport" and "Little Man" and "Train Wrecker". I never knew that little boys could be so cuddly!

Jayce's favorite thing to do currently is to bring me his blanket (the quilted comforter from his crib set), look up at me with his big hazel eyes and say, "Cuddle? Cuddle?" meaning he wants me to pick him up, sit down on the couch, place him by my side with my arms around him, so he can lay his head against my chest and hold my hand. It just makes me melt! Well, it does the times that I am able to drop everything and do that. Sometimes he picks really inopportune times to want to cuddle.

He's getting so big! And when I say "big" I mean "old". He's not a very big toddler. He's definitely gotten taller, but I would never describe him as tall. As soon as I get back from his Well Baby Check-up in August, I'll let you know his stats.

I'll just look at him on the floor playing trucks and it will strike me that he's a 2 year old little boy now! Not a baby anymore. A "big boy". Soon we'll potty train and move him from his crib. He'll finish weaning (we just started a couple weeks ago) and hopefully stop waking up at night (fingers crossed).

Some of his favorite toys are:

Little Touch Leappad
Jaina's My First Leappad
Jaina's Barbie Laptop
his Geotrax set
his Fisher Price Animal Train
his Thomas pull train

He likes to watch:

James and the Red Balloon (thomas)
Dora the Explorer
Go, Diego, Go!
Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues is his latest obsession. I've learned that he'll latch onto something new every few weeks. He doesn't even watch the whole show. He really just likes the theme song. (Either show with Joe or Steve is fine).

The screaming has gotten better. Much much better. Not the intensity, by any means. When he still lets one loose, you'd better not be around if you value your hearing. But the frequency has improved greatly. He still gets mad, but I've learned that its usually correlated to his lack of sleep. When he gets tired, he screams.

Things he gets into at the new house:

Dishwasher (open, close, turn on, turn off)
Toilets (flush, flush, flush)
Jacuzzi tub (hot water turned on all the way, buttons pushed)
Bathroom sink (uses the stepstool to reach the handles)
Kitchen drawers (open all the way, take stuff out, slam them shut)
Kitchen cabinets (slam, slam, slam)

I will not tell you the nickname Brian has chosen for Jayce. If you are a close friend, I'm sure you've already heard it!


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