Atlanta, Day One

Well, I guess, techincally, its Night One. We didn't get into Georgia until after 5:30 pm. Thank goodness we were going towards downtown and avoided 85-North, which is deadlocked from 4:00PM until like 7:00 PM. But we weren't without our own set of back traffic, unfortunately. As we were passing the I-385 connector in Greenville, all traffic came to a dead stop. It seems as though a huge moving van hit an 18 wheeler. Not only did they hit the guardrail, but all the moving boxes were spread throughout the interstate on both 385 and 85. I felt soooo sorry for those people. It looked like no one was hurt (thank goodness!) but imagine going to start a new life in a new city and have all your stuff ruined :(

Anyway, it also started raining as soon as we hit the place on 85 where it merges with 316. (aka, heavy traffic area with like 6 lanes of cars). So, the trip took a bit longer than expected. Oh! And we had to stop in Toccoa for Jaina to pee and get some chips, lol!

And did I mention that Jayce thought that we were going to Gray's house and screamed for the better half of 45 minutes because we weren't? I was this close to lying to him and tell him that we were in fact going to see Gray, but I did realize that lying to stop screaming is not the best parenting method I could use. So we just buckled down, ignored it, and tried to distract him with the Barbie and the Island Princess CD Sountrack.

So, we finally made it. Jayce quickly got over his dissapointment at not arriving at Gray's house, when he realized we were at Grandpa and Grandma's House!!!! Even though its been since Easter since we were here, he remembered! He went up to the door and said," Chickie, chickie?" (My stepmom's kitchen is decorated in Roosters). It didn't take him long at all to find all the cd rom drives in all 4 computers downstairs.

Jaina, of course, wanted to drag out every single toy in the cabinet and practically lunged at Grandma Kim when she walked in the door. It was very chaotic! But after a nice dinner of Wendy's (cause you know, Grandparents have to spoil their grandkids), we settled down a bit.

The first night was a little rough, however. I had brought Jayce's toddler bed mattress with us thinking that he'd sleep better on it. And he might, tonight, but last night was horrible. Jayce was extremely overtired, overexcited, and overstimulated and it took him until 10:30 PM to go to sleep! I'm crossing my fingers that he is actually napping upstairs right now while I write this (Friday afternoon).

Well, my hope is to blog a bit every day I am here, then go home and edit in the pictures. But because I didn't take any pictures yesterday, I'm going to go ahead and post this :)


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