Horse Crazy

We just got back from one of the BEST Birthday parties we've been to! Well, Jaina says it ties with Tulita's waterslide party this summer, but you know what I mean! The weather was gorgeous... not too hot, lots of shady trees, cool breeze. The kids were so well behaved around the horses, too! Everyone got at least two turns around the stable on a horse of their choice. Then they got to feed and pet the horses both in the stable and the corral. We also got to see the owner of the stable jump a new horse. She was thrown 3 times from a stubborn horse that refused to go over a huge log, but was completely fine. He eventually made it over!

Anyway, Jaina pretended to be a horse all the way home and we had to make a little paddock for her out of boxes in the playroom. Then she ate some carrots for a snack.

When she turns six, she can actually take riding lessons at this place. Its not too terribly far from our house!

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

Givin' some lovin' to the random dogs that roam the barn.

Riding "Dimples", Jaina's favorite horse there.

One of the horses in the stable. They had about 10.

Jaina's turn at the pinata:

The very friendly dogs thought they should get some cake, too!


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