Our Weekend

On Saturday, I took Jayce to my mom's and Jaina to the next town over to meet Barbie, the Island Princess. Walmart had some promotional thingy going on. We had the best time! And Jaina even won a cd player in the raffle!!!

Jaina and her friend:

Jaina, and Barbie, the Island Princess:

I am sorry that I do not have better pictures of Greek Fest. The lighting was horrible since we went at dusk and stayed until after sunset. And you know me... I hate to use my flash!

Jayce saw one look at the rides and said, "Go bye-bye??? NO NO NO NO!!!" so I quickly wheeled him away to the other end of the festival, while Brian and Jaina did all the fun rides. Jayce and I went to the tent where all the live music and dancing. And Jayce absolutely LOVED it! He danced his little heart out. And even got in the middle of the circle while all the greek dancers surrounded him. You should have seen him study their feet movement and then try to mimic them! It was too cute!

Jaina and Brian had a wonderful time! They did all the rides and bouncy slides and other fun stuff. I hate that I didn't get any pictures, but we still have good memories!

Jayce, dancing in front of the band on the "stage":

Jaina, eating dinner at Greekfest:


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