Jayce has gotten into the habit of watching entirely too much TV. And he gets fixated on ONE show for a period of weeks that he just asks to watch constantly. Currently, its The Wiggles on Playhouse Disney. Since Jaina liked the Wiggles at this age, too, we have several VHS tapes of them already.

Yesterday, Jayce and I tried to play together numerous times with the toys in his room and playroom. Instead, he abandoned a toy 5 minutes later and would ask to watch Wiggles. Again. And again.

One of the books I am currently reading suggests that kids with sensory issues LOVE the TV and can't get enough of it and have trouble transitioning from TV to other activities. This describes Jayce, definitely.

So, today we are going to watch The Wiggles at 7 AM (so I can sneak out and take Jaina to school) and then the TV is going to be "all-gone" the rest of the day. Can I do it? How is Jayce going to handle it??? Wish me luck!


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