Our first "NO TV DAY" was a huge success! It seems as though if the TV goes off in the morning, Jayce just forgets about it all together :) It helped, though, that we were out of the house for a lot of the day, too. But he hardly asked for it even when we were home!


  1. I'm glad your no TV day went well. I know Philip watches too much tv also, but thankfully he is usually running around playing "backetball" at the same time or he's even starting to repeat things from the educational shows on PBS ("Look, Mommy, that spider is playing a horn".) Does that make it a little more ok?

  2. yes, definitely! Jaina's the same way... TV is on, but she's coloring, or playing with her stuffed doggies, or playing dress up to go along with the movie :) She only sits on the couch when she is tired or sick. Jayce, on the other hand, would watch TV non-stop if I let him. He seems to get a "fix" from it. But this is day 2 without it and he is doing so well!


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