Dressed Up Like a Rock and Roll Star

Jaina must have been EXHAUSTED today, because she was Little Miss Emotional this afternoon. She ended up in tears because she thought that I wasn't showing her all the pictures from the zoo yesterday, but I was! Honest!

She started whining in the car, big time, after we picked it up from the shop this evening. I turned up the stereo to drown out/ignore her whining and realized that my Dayroom/Guster/JLC mixed Cd was in there.

As the electric guitar blasted out of the speakers, she immediately got quiet. After the guitar solo introduction, she announced that she "loved this song" and that it was "her favorite, ever!" I am sure Jay, Ward, Matt, Evan, and Johnny would be proud!

I'd like to see you out one night
Dressed up like a rock-n-roll star
Straight out of some strange magazine
Then I know I'd love you
But if I see you out somewhere
You might think I don't care

'Cause I love my guitar
I love my guitar


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    What's the name of that song anyway?

    I can't seem to remember it, but it is pretty awesome.

  2. That would be, "I Love My Guitar" off of the "Magazine" album by Jump, Little Children.


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