Do You Ever Hide From Your Kids?

I am upstairs in our bonus room/computer room/office/scrapbooking room blogging right now. Jaina knows I'm up here and also knows how to open the child lock on the door. So technically, I am only hiding from Jayce. If he knew I was up here, he'd be pounding on the door screaming, "Jayce's turn mommy's computer!"

So, as I'm hiding, I keep hearing things like:

-thumps of feet running through the house
-jayce yelling protest at some injustice
-jaina giggling in response to jayce's yelling
-the microwave being worked
-water in the bathroom running
-the dog whining
-music being turned up too loud

Why does everything go to pot if I'm not supervising 24/7? How can two kids get into so much stuff in so little time?

Uh-oh... jayce is really crying now. Back to the battlefield.

Calgon, take me away!


  1. That is so funny, in my house my secret spot is the bathroom. Nothing too fancy, and even then they seem to find me and bang down the door! The things we have to do for solace.


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