I love Gray, but Gray loves a pig

Jayce and Jaina received "Fur Real" farm animals in their Easter baskets instead of bunnies this year. Jayce was enthralled with his animatronic pig that wrinkled its nose and grunted oh-so-realistically.

I remember having a stuffed pig when I was little, named Pricilla. My mother would happily kiss all my stuffed animals goodnight, but expressed much displeasure at the prospect of kissing a pig. Growing up in Iowa near hog farms, my mother is definitely not fond of pigs neither alive or on her dinner table.

But for Jayce, she'll kiss a pig any day :)


  1. I, too, love pigs. LOL! (Country girl I am)
    Hahah! Cute post.

  2. AHH! I miss your mom, I wish the boys could see her more. I am so happy Jayce and Jaina have such a great grandmother so close by. I love how patient she is with Jayce and how she interacts with children in such a calm loving demeanor. Jeremy is the same way with the boys. Your mom has a gift with children.

    Joshua was lucky and got WEbkins for Easter, a toad he named Spotty and a horse (gray Arabian horse) he named Horsie from Kim and Lee, I am sure they were meant for Justin too, but he could care less about them right now.

    I like what you have done to your Blog, when I am feeling more creative and get rid of this throbbing headache, I will re-do mine.

    Your kids always look so happy in all the pictures. Joshua misses Jaina alot, he loved the pictures you had up for Easter. I show him your blog so he can see the pictures :)

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Alaina has that pig too! He is one of my favorites of her toys. And sometimes when we play with it - the squeal will get Alaina squealing because she is never expecting it. :)


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