Rained Out

What a bummer!

Some severe weather from Texas decided to mosey our way, stopping in Atlanta first. That's what usually happens... whatever happens in Atlanta, we get 3-24 hours later. This time, we were not liking the fact that two tornadoes touched down in the city and Buckhead. DeKalb and Gwinett counties had some damage, too (according to the weather channel). When Jaina heard about it, she immediately worried about Grandma Kim and Grandpa Lee. We are hoping they are okay and are not out of power!

Because of the threat of bad storms, our town canceled the big Annual Irish Festival, "Shamrock on the Square". We love going and its become a great family tradition. Brian goes for the RJ Rockers beer, of course. Jaina loves the face painting and bean bag toss. Jayce likes running around on the city green free from his stroller.

Also, today, we were going to try out the "Eggstravaganza" at a local college. Not only is it an egg hunt, but they also have bounce houses and such. I even bought them new baskets for the occasion.

And the worst part? It barely rained at our house. Only thundered/lighting for an hour after lunch.

I understand why both the events needed to be canceled. But come on... we should have at least gotten some rain for the trouble!


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