Jayce and the Clover Cookies

Jayce had his very first taste of raw cookie dough the other day. When presented with most new and strange unaccepted foods, he wanted nothing to do with it. Then curiosity got the best of him, especially when I called it a "cookie". Boy, did I create a monster! After consuming one raw cookie dough ball, he couldn't understand why I actually wanted to COOK the rest!


  1. let me just say i love the cookie shot. this is not saying i don't like the ones of your sweet little kids, b/c of course i do, but i have been saying to myself for a few months now to take some pictures of things that are not my kids, but that still capture my life, like my bowl of sherbet that i treat myself to on lots of nights.... your cookie dough shot was perfect and hopefully inspired me to do what i've been wanting to do! i love your blog and read it most every day :) i like how it makes me feel connected to you.

  2. Oh my bob your boy is CUTE. I love that wrinkled nose.


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