Egg Hunting

Jayce attended his first Easter Egg hunt last Thursday when we met at a friend's house for cooking club.

He was such a cutie there :) I walked him over to where two eggs were "hidden" in plain sight and told him to put the eggs in his basket. He instead places the basket on top of the eggs on the ground and praised himself with a big ol "Good job, Jayce!" I laughed, picked up one of the eggs and showed him how to put it in the basket. He quickly got the idea and placed the second egg in there just fine.

Off we went to another part of the yard to find more eggs, but some of the 3 and 4 year old kids were quite a bit faster and more aggressive. Luckily, Jayce didn't mind. He had no idea that there was candy in there anyway :)

We've been working on prepositions in ST for months now and Jayce shows 90% accuracy in following directions like "put the block IN the bowl. Put the block ON TOP of the bowl." But sometimes I've noticed that some things don't transfer well from the therapy setting to the real world. That's okay, Jayce understood Easter Egg hunting by the time it was done :)


  1. So, so cute!

    Does his ST use picture symbols?

  2. Not for some things. We are using pictures to learn nouns and object function. Like, a picture of a chair: "Where do you sit?" kinds of things.

  3. I love these pictures of Jayce. You captured a great moment. I love the one of him holding the orange egg.


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