Pictures of Jaina and Jayce TOGETHER!!!

Its no secret that pictures that contain BOTH my kids together is always my ultimate goal. The problem is, there usually isn't anywhere to contain Jayce and he doesn't like to be in close contact with other kids for more than a split second. You will never know how hard it was to get those pictures of Jayce hugging Jaina. We had to make it part of his "routine" as they raced back and forth on the stroller ramp at the entrance to the park. Then I would be laying in wait, camera ready, to snap the picture before he gave her a super fast hug before turning away.

Me and the kiddies :) Please excuse the super ugly, super cheap, men's sunglasses I am wearing purchased from Walmart. Jayce broke my other ones!

For the pictures on the bench, it wasn't hard to get them to sit together, although Jayce protested at first. But alas, I could not get both of them to look and smile at the camera the same time :( Oh well, there is always next time!

I have this great idea for St. Patrick's day pictures that involve using our new barstools :) Jayce can't get down from them by himself. I know, I'm tricky like that!


  1. I adore them! You're really learning the tricks. ;)

  2. cute pictures.... looks so lovely. of course, it snowed here today :) i only thought spring was coming! love all the pics, but especially love the one of them from behind.

  3. Good idea with the Barstools. I really like your pictures; great lighting and beautiful subjects. It's nice to see you in the pictures :)


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