Something's been up with our dog for quite a while now. She's much less tolerant of the children. She growls at you if you even change the position of your leg on the couch next to her. She's even nipped at Jaina twice when she was startled.

I know that dogs can change personality when they get sick or old. I convinced Brian to take Alli to the vet. I was suspecting a back issue like a hairline fracture or something. Nope. The vet said that Alli, at age 9, wasn't even considered "old" yet for her breed and that she was the picture of perfect health. But, if the bad behavior continued, we could put her on prozac. Yeah, right!


  1. my mom had a lab that got really crotchety in its old age. (around nine or so) they put her on prozac. it did help some. eventually, they just ended up muzzling her when little kids or other dogs would come over...for their safety as well as the dog's because they knew they'd have to put her down if she bit someone...

    maybe the prozac would help?...


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