The Field

Technically, I do not live in the country. I believe our location is considered a town, population-wise. Tell that to the horses and cows that live down the main street to our subdivision!

I pass by an empty field several times a day. I've never seen anything grown there. Just tall dead grass that could be mowed down for hay.

And for some reason, the spot really calls to me. I told Jaina that I wanted to take her picture in the field.

I got my chance one evening while the sun was setting and Jayce was home with Brian. I pulled over off the side and Jaina got out, excited. Until she realized that I wanted her to actually go *into* the tall grass. "But there might be snakes or bugs there." Good point. So I convinced her just to step slightly inside.

The position and color of the sun was not our friend, though. All of my pictures have an orange cast that I am not knowledgeable enough to get rid of.

Here's my favorite:


  1. Sorry haven't called you back, I got sick all day yesterday. Yuck!

    As far as the orange cast, do you have any kind of photo software, try putting a blue filter over it. Maybe the orange cast is cool, was the sun setting or something?

  2. Jessie, I really like this photo of Jaina in the field! I am a big fan of natural backdrops for photos and that's why I took TONS of the kids at the beach. Kim


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