Here are pictures I took on Saturday. By 6:00 PM, Jaina was tired of being cooped up inside all day and wanted to "get some sun" in her pajamas :) They are still cute, even if they were sick!

Thankfully, the stomach bug was only a 24 hour bug, to the dot. We spent Sunday letting the kids rest and recover from it and now today we are good to go :)


  1. Oh my goodness, does this mean you are going to be next? They are adorable even when they are sick. Jeremy has been sick since Friday. Sorry you missed the Atlanta trip, bummer!

    I hope you can at least do Atlanta before summer is over.

    Hope you stay well.

  2. How's everybody feeling?

    I agree with Melissa: The kids look beautiful even when they're sick.

    I am so out of it that I completely forgot your planned trip to Atlanta. :(

    Hang in there!



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