Another Crazy week... recap

I know I haven't been posting much. That's because my computer is a desktop, not a laptop, and it actually requires you to be home to get on it. And home, we have not been lately!

Monday: went to the water fountain with MOMS Club, then off to lunch at the brand new McD's playplace by the circle. Then to the Train Park with Angie and her girls. Can you believe that Jayce DIDN'T take a nap after all that?

Tuesday: Jayce's EI came and did therapy, then we canceled our plans for Pump It Up and went to Chuck E. Cheese instead.

Wednesday: What on earth did we do on Wednesday? My mind is blanking. OH! We went to Laura's house for a business meeting/playdate. Jayce did SOOOO well there!! YAY! Then Monica and Jeff came over for dinner at our house. He's a devout Jew who typically keeps kosher AND is vegetarian to boot, so dinner was a toughie! But we had a blast! Finally, my husband met someone who is a bigger goof than him!! :) Jaina was wowed by Jeff's amazing thumb dissection trick.

Thursday: Storytime at the main branch with lunch after with the Simpson's. Then we invited them back to our house to play. Then Monica came and picked Jaina up for a spend the night party at her house. I went out that night with our local LLL group to see the movie "Baby Mama" which was pretty darn funny!

Friday: Jayce and I were supposed to go to the train park again, but didn't quite make it. Instead we walked with our neighbor and played at the house until it was time for Taco Bell. Then after lunch we went to Target. Friday night I packed the car for our weekend trip to Atlanta to see my parents.

Saturday: Jaina wakes up at 6:30 AM with diarrhea and Jayce wakes up at 7 with puking. From then on it was a contest to see who would throw up the most. Jaina quickly won out that contest and is currently at count number 8. Jayce only threw up twice, but his was definitely the messiest. I had to steam clean about 5 times to get it up from the bonus room floor.

So, obviously we canceled our trip to ATL. I am so bummed because not only did we have a sweet hotel room thanks to my parents, but Brian was actually going with us. And of course, the car was completely packed. We even had Alli staying at my mom's house. Also, my best friend Meredith from high school was having a party for her baby that just turned 1. Oh well, my kids are hardly ever sick. Not much you can do about it!


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