Hannah Montana

I have a kid obsessed with Hannah Montana. Yeah, and its not my 6 year old little girl! Don't get me wrong, Jaina likes Hannah Montana a lot. We don't really watch the show (kinda over her head and doesn't hold her interest) but she loves the music and the t-shirts and the whole idea of being a "rock star".

But no one likes Hannah Montana (or hannah BO-tana, as Jayce says) as much as my little 3 year old. This is his rendition of the theme song from the Disney show, "Best of Both Worlds".


  1. that's awesome! he's got some good moves! i need to get the video camera out more often.... all my kids love hannah montana. i laugh every time we're in the car and i hear coleman singing along and knowing the words!

  2. How cute. I need to get my video camera out more too. I bring it everywhere with me and end up never using it! I am trying to get the boys to listen to Hannah Montana (since I secretly like it).

  3. Jess,
    That is awesome - Tracy and I watched it a few nights ago. too cute!

    just don't let the future girlfriends see it! although... they may just think he has a sensitive side. hmmm...


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