Golf is better at the beach

Well, that's what Jayce thinks anyway :)

And that boy LOVES playing miniature golf!

Jaina gave a few half-hearted attempts at the game. She was much more interested in sitting down and posing for the camera. Only because I had specifically said I wanted some good golf action shots (was that an oxymoron?) from the kids. She's a little stinker.

But she's cute, so I'll keep her.

Right before we left for the beach, I received my new wireless remote trigger in the mail. So we had to get a family picture :)

Please excuse Jayce's dazed expression and the hair in my face. I could control neither the wind nor Jayce. :P

After we were done with our golfing adventure, I asked Jaina nicely to take a picture of me and Brian.

This may be my new favorite picture of us :)

And I had to include the second one she took, too.

Hee hee hee.


  1. I love miniature golf ...especially at the beach... and I agree - love that pic of you and brian.

  2. lovely pic of you two (without jayce's head hehehe). jaina's taking after her talented mum, i see. :)

    ~ash's mum

  3. Looks like much fun.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  4. Love the Superman shirts! It looks like a great game of mini golf, and how awesome is it that your daughter takes beautiful pics too!

  5. I LOVE the coordinating superman shirts. Mini golf just might happen to be my favorite beach activity.

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Great pictures! We need to go putt putting! I think your daughter may take after her mom! Great photo she took there!

  7. Anonymous11:24 AM

    i always wonder how many superman shirts you guys own...


  8. Haha...LOVE that last shot. ;) Too funny. My kids are famous for doing exactly the opposite of what I'm asking for in a picture. :)


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