The Pier

Only two more posts and I'm DONE with beach pictures! I bet you guys thought we spent the whole summer there because of the huge number of photos I came home with.

Its taken me a month to post them all and I bet it will take me another month to play catch up on all the photos I took in July :)


After the reception and yummy food, we headed down to the pier about an hour before sunset.

I set my camera up and used the remote to snap a family picture :) You can't have too many of those!

Wow, Brian's got quite a farmer's tan going on there :) Oh well, he's super cute anyway :)

The kids are cute, too!

It was such a pleasant evening on the beach.

And, unfortunately, our last. That evening we started packing and cleaning up from our stay.

Pictures from The Hammock Shops coming up next!


  1. Great pictures! I love the family shot under the pier...seems like you guys had a great vacation!

  2. All I can say from these pictures is that I am definitely in the mood to plan our next trip to the beach! The pier/ocean makes a great backdrop for pictures... not to mention, those kids are just so cute too!

  3. These are so sweet! Love the family pic. I want to get a remote for my camera sometime...seems like a great thing to have.

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I hate you're running out of beach pictures! I love them! You've inspired me to take my kids and camera to the pier!

  5. These are lovely!! Great family picture. Aren't you smart. I really need one of those remotes!

  6. Still enjoying your installments. I just wanted to say you look particularly radiant with your hair blowing around like that under the pier. You should crop that and frame it for Brian.

  7. Awesome set of photos... especially the family pic! :)

  8. ahhh, the beach! Maybe some day I'll be so lucky as to go there.

    For now, though, I'll have to settle with giving you a blog award :)
    That's right, I always love reading your blog, and so I pass this award on to you.
    {come see my post for more info on it}


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