Johnny Rockets and The North Causeway

After Build-a-Bear, it was definitely snack time.

I love me some Johnny Rockets :)

Not only is the food pretty darn tasty,

but the old school diner atmosphere is what I really love.

We cooled off inside for a while, sipping our sodas, then braved the heat once more. Our destination was "Ripley's Believe it or Not" Museum and attractions.

Jayce wanted to see the moving 4D theatre. So, we bought tickets. And walked in. And promptly discovered that you must be 43 inches tall to ride.

Jayce is only 42 inches.

When he found out, he melted down. And I mean melted. He hasn't had a tantrum like that in months.

Apparently the ride attendant doesn't get that a lot because she was really quick to bend the rule as soon as Jayce's tears started falling and the wails started coming. Didn't exactly teach him that crying doesn't get you what you want, did it. Oh well!

Then we went next door to the museum. The exhibits inside were certainly fascinating to me and Brian. The kids? Not so much. I think we managed to breeze through the entire museum in less than 20 minutes.

Note to self: Skip these things next year.

So, we returned to our little island of Pawley's later that evening. Just in time to watch the sunset on the North Causeway. A very nice local offered to take our family picture.


  1. Hi! New to your blog, love the pictures! You are quite the great photographer! I love Johnny Rockets too, yummy!! Glad you guys were able to enjoy the ride... a little tears do work wonders every now and then :)


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