New Pets

Moving on with pictures slowly but surely :)

Jaina got a pet while we were at the beach. 'Cause we really needed another creature living in our house. Just another thing for mommy to clean out once a week. Joy oh joy.

Meet Pawl. He's a tree hermit crab. He's very shy.

He doesn't like to come out much. I had to be very patient while waiting for this photo. Do you think Hermit Crab photography is an untapped market?

Jayce liked Jaina's new pet so much that he wanted one of his own.

Meet Pawley's Island. (I really need to work on my kids' creativity with naming animals!)

He is not shy. In fact, he's the exact opposite of shy. He won't stay in his shell.

Actually, its not his shell.

Its Pawl's shell.

Jaina has a thing for peace signs. And we needed an extra shell for Pawl to grow into. Unfortunately, Pawley's Island had a different idea. Although we purchased two other shells for PI to grow into, he liked Jaina's shell the best.

She is not happy.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    what a cutie!

  2. Love all of these shots!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Did you see the creepy, giant hermit crab that stowed away with us from Shem Creek! Horrifying! Had I known we were bringing him home, I would have welcomed him, just as you have! But, instead, I was chased with him because my tormenting young'uns smelled fear!


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