19 months

19 months. Now closer to her second birthday rather than her first.

She has a host of favorites. Of likes and dislikes. This girl is Opinionated with a capital "O". 

Coloring is number one on her list right now.Followed closely by popping bubbles and stealing brother's baseballs.

Dora the Explorer has fallen to the wayside of Wonder Pets and Blues Clues and Bubble Guppies.

Green beans and Blueberries are out. Peas, Carrots, and Pineapple are in.

I tried to take away that last nighttime bottle this past month. It did not go well. So, I'm going to continue being the lazy mom and just let you have it. I remind myself that I nursed your brother and sister way past this age and a bottle before bed will not hurt you in Kindergarten.

Dislikes: diaper changes, nap time, bed time, bath time, and your brother kissing you too much. "Stop!" is a new word in your vocabulary.

So is "Let's go!" And you are trying your hardest to walk.

Big Sister is super handy to have around.

The way Jocelyn says "Momma!" warms my heart every time. She says it with surprise and excitement all in one. Like she is running through a field to me with her arms outstretched. Even if she is sitting next to me on the couch.

When she can't find Brian since he's at work, she looks out the back window for him (assuming he's mowing the lawn) and in our bedroom (thinking he's sleeping) or upstairs (working on a computer). "Da da?" Yet, Da Da is old news when he gets home from work and she seldom has a hug or a kiss for him.

We purchased some baby knee pads the other day to gear up for Fall Sports. This way she can crawl on the baseball and soccer fields without scraping up knees and ruining pants. I wish we had gotten these a year ago! But who knew we'd have a crawler for almost a year?

Maybe Little Miss will change her opinion on walking soon and decide she likes it better than crawling :) We can hope!


  1. Oh I just love her. The pictures of the two girls together are precious. Happy 9 year to you and Brian! I think you're 'date night' away was awesome. We made it to the dollar theater. We're awesome and cheap!

  2. oh she is just the cutest! love learning more about her and her fun little personality! and i love the shots of her with her big sister! so sweet!!

  3. She is precious!

    Natalie was always (and still is) opinionated.

  4. Oh my gosh, she is darling! My heart is breaking, though, talking about popping bubbles...I miss having babies who pop bubbles! Jaina looks so grown up--what a good big sister! Enjoy your sweetie!


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