Cheerleading and Baseball

We've explained to Jayce several times that there are no cheerleaders for baseball.

Which is why he couldn't understand why we were going to see a Greenville Drive Baseball Game... but watch Jaina's summer cheerleading camp perform beforehand.

"So, there ARE cheerleaders for baseball!?" he concludes.


Gotta remember that things are black and white to this guy's brain.

We managed to have fun despite the confusing mixing of two worlds.

Outside the gates before the game:

Jayce practiced his air pitching the entire time.

We left Jaina and headed to get our seats. Jayce was picked to help in a magic trick.

And then got his glove signed by a player.

He thought the autograph would make him famous :)

The girls did a great job! Here's a video... its hard to see Jaina, though. She is in the very back on the left hand side.

carolina cheer 02 from Jess Staska on Vimeo.

Then we settled down to watch the game.

During a break, we ran into our friends in the bathroom!

And one last picture before we left!

We managed to see 2 games this Summer and may be going to a third! Glad we have some minor leagues around these parts to support :)


  1. so much fun. my rylee does all star cheer and loves it!

  2. Awesome pictures. Looks like fun!!


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