Last Fun Fling of the Summer

This Summer has been kind of crazy. First of all, this is the first Summer break in 6 years that Jayce has not been in some sort of therapy. (Well, he still gets counseling every few weeks, but I'm not going to count that). We thought our Summer would be filled with NO Schedules, no commitments, and lots of fun!

Instead, we've had lots of all three.

For the entire month of June, I played surrogate mom to my neighbor's 3 month old. She was a very easy to please baby, but when you add in the 2 year old that I keep 2 days a week and my own 18 month old... well, you get the picture. My big two had to fend for themselves.

So, July was spent cramming in as much Summer fun as possible. The Beach, The Water park, The Children's Museum, etc. Throw in a babysitting day here or there for my friends' 2 year old boys, and that made July pass by with a flash.

Then July quickly turned into August and we started ordering monogram back packs, lunch bags, and buying new clothes. And we realized that we hadn't taken our annual Summer trip to Tucker, GA to see the grandparents.

We were able to remedy this last weekend. Instead of a quick "lightning visit", we went down on a Friday and stayed until the next Tuesday. It was long enough to see family, friends, and do some touristy stuff.

A lot of my pictures are on my camera phone, but here are some from my big camera:

The big kids helped Grandma Kim plant some newly painted pots.

The concrete and rocks were too much for baby's knees to handle, so Joce watched from the door.

Jayce loved throwing the frisbee for Jo Jo the dog.

And Jaina helped grill hamburgers for our dinner.

My stepmother Kim received a custom made authentic dress from Vietnam from some church friends. She said my dad's photography left a lot to be desired, so I snapped a quick picture of her in it :)

I normally take pictures of all three of my kids dressed up for church. Totally didn't happen this time. Maybe because my kids were not ready and we were late for church?

Jocelyn did get to play outside for a bit in the front yard where there is more grass.

Jocelyn's favorite thing to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house?


Pictures of Six Flags and Stone Mountain coming soon :)


  1. Love the shots of Jocelyn! Glad y'all got to have one more fun trip! :)

  2. The dress is stunning. Hi family!

  3. looks like such a fun trip!!


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