Instagram Photo Dump: Last week of Summer

We had a lot of fun to cram in the last week (and a half!) of Summer vacation!

We had lunch with Daddy, not once, but twice! And one time it was in his company's cafeteria :) It's always super exciting to visit Daddy at work!

Our last trip to our beloved Taco Bell. Now Taco Bell Fridays are considered "date lunches" since we only have Jocelyn with us.

Then we headed to ATL to visit Dad and Kim. I've already posted the Six Flags pictures from the trip!

My kids have never hiked up Stone Mtn before. Well, Jaina did it one time when she was 3 months old, but I am sure she doesn't remember :) Every time we go to Stone Mtn, they ask if we can hike up it. I was determined to do it this time!

Um, yeah... we lasted all of 1/4 of a mile. The rain had finally stopped and it was very hot and very humid. Jayce was tired and said his legs couldn't walk anymore. Jaina was giving me attitude. My back isn't used to the Kelty metal frame back pack and was already starting to hurt. So, this is one thing we didn't accomplish. This time :)

We opted to head over to the Barn of Fun and hang out in air conditioning instead. Jocelyn LOVED the barn of fun this time! She's a great age for it!

Actually, Jocelyn was just a great age for Grandma and Grandpa's house period. She did fine on the stairs (Only to fall down ours as soon as we got home!) and called my dad "Pop Pop" the entire trip.

Once back home, we did the mad rush for back to school shopping and meet the teacher.

Congratulations, Hannah, on your very first teaching job! You picked the BEST school in the district to work in!

Jocelyn was coloring with her friend Riley :)

One last fling at the park:

And just like that, the big kids were back at school.


  1. She looks so happy in the backpack! And that is a serious workout for you too!


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